Want to start couponing? Here’s 10 Quick couponing basics to save you extra cash for the Holidays…

Couponing basics by Cindy… a real mom who coupons!









Here are 10 easy tips couponing tips that can help you save some cash this Holiday Season!

  1. Want a video tutorial to get you started?  Check out Coupon Diva’s (How to coupon) on YouTube!  Click here to check it out.
  2. Of course, get the Sunday newspaper for store and manufacturer coupons!  Please note that on Holiday Weekends, they have NO coupons because they realize people shop the weekend before.  You can order Sunday Only subscriptions for a fairly cheap price.  Don’t worry, your couponing will make the money back for you.
  3. All Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons DON’T EXPIRE!  Even though there’s an expiration date on them, you can still use them.
  4. Look at the bottom of receipts!  Sometimes at the bottom of the Victoria’s Secret receipts, there’s a phone survey you may take and get $10 of $50 purchase .
  5. Bath & Body Works has a similar approach where at the bottom of their receipt sometimes, you may take a phone survey to get $10 off $30 purchase.
  6. Check you city or community to see if they have an app or website for special offers.  For Example, Irvine California has an app for Shop the Irvine Company.  So anywhere you go in the city, you can check for special offers.
  7. Don’t miss out!  Join the store rewards program for special deals! (ex. CVS, Albertsons, Walgreens, Ralphs, etc…) You will get notified of special deals first!
  8. If you have an Old Navy, Banana Republic or Gap card, all purchases on Tuesdays get 10% off!
  9. Walgreens have their own coupon book.  You can use THEIR coupon AND a manufacture coupon for extra savings!  So you can use 2 coupons for 1 item!
  10. If you have Target coupons, you can combine it with a manufacture coupon for extra savings.  Again, you can use 2 coupons for 1 item!

Couponing could take some time, but aside from the actual savings, it’s fun to see how much you save and feel proud of that!  Feel free to ask a question or comment below.


Fitness Tuesday: Strategy from overweight to healthy!

Fitness Tuesday:  Message from Andrea Galbreath, Founder of IGIG Wellness

A while back I tried to come up with a way to describe how I was able transform myself from overweight and unhappy to healthy and happy! Well, this was my strategy, and I want to share it with everyone. It’s pretty basic. Nothing complicated really. Just really effective. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing more tips about my SMILE strategy to help everyone get ready for 2013. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy! Don’t you agree? #SMILE

-Andrea Galbreath – Owner of IGIG Wellness

Website: http://www.igigwellness.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrea.igigwellness



Our First Interview! Learn How and Why Naomi Milante started her own company!

In summary:

Introducing Naomi Milante – Founder for GIVEvolution.com and OurTop5HotList.com!

Naomi: GIVEvolution.com is a giving platform, we are changing the the way we are giving using our mobile phones.   GIVEvolution for weddings is launching on Dec 1st!  OurTop5HotList is a digital wedding and event guide for professionals in the wedding industry.

Melinda: It’s a beautiful look book!

Naomi: It’s been a lot of fun. We collaborate with a lot of professionals in the wedding industry to inspire brides and professionals alike.

Melinda: She’s been doing this now for 2.5 yrs.  Let’s talk about the beginning of your journey.  How did you get started and what motivated you?

Naomi: I was getting married myself and was looking for a gift registry.  That’s how the entrepreneurial within me got started. Once you find a passion, you just get determined and just keep pushing and pushing. I always think about The Little Engine that Could, it’s a great book and message. If you have a real deep passion for something, you’ll really go to the end.  Nothing will stop you!

Melinda: Once you got motivated, how did you know what to do first? What did you do first?

Naomi: I came up with the idea and started to write out exactly what I needed to do. I had to find people to help me because it’s a technology platform.  Most mobile platform developers then were not ready for the platform I wanted to build. Smart phones two years ago wasn’t as popular as it is today.  I needed to find a way since tech is a new industry for me. I did it through relationships that I’ve built. It’s really trial and error.

Melinda: Is there one woman that really supported you and pushed you to the next level?

Naomi: Yes, my friend Felina, who’s the Founder of Hera Hub, it’s a work space for women in San Diego. I met her through an event and we’ve been really good friends ever since.  She’s always supportive of me and challenges me to “think big”!   I’m able to call her when times are difficult and she’ll encourage, support and reassure me that I can do it.  I really appreciate her, she’s been such a supporter and believer in everything I’ve done.  She also always give me resources whenever I need.

I love it when others ask you how they can help you without asking for something in return. You’ll find that everybody is looking out for themselves in this entrepreneurial world.

Melinda: Aspirely is aspiring to do just that, getting women to collaborate and support each other to get “unstuck” through advice, action or suggestions.

Naomi: What you’re doing is amazing, women are support and collaborating with each other because they want to help.  Even words, or when someone just believe in you, is huge! There’s people do NOT want to believe in you.

Melinda: What’s your advice for women who may want to start a side business?

Naomi: Go for it and go all in! You have to believe in what you’re doing and commit. You’ll have challenges and obstacles. In the end, you’ll accomplish something for you and feel good. A lot of us don’t always do things we want to do. Do it and NOT be afraid.

Melinda: Naomi is also a mother of 2, she’s so amazing!

Best wishes Naomi!

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See you next time!

Listen to Naomi’s interview here:


Taking a Moment of Gratitude


Isn’t it so ironic that the Holidays have become so busy but its purpose was for us to slow down and give thanks to the people and things around us?  So today, I am slowing down and writing a few words of thanks!

  • To my husband and kids who loves me unconditionally even though I work way too much.
  • To my work family… you know who you are.  Without you this year, Aspirely would not have been born.
  • I’m very fortunate to have the things that I have.  Even though I always think I want or need more.
  • Thankful for our Health!  Thank goodness we are happy and healthy this holiday season.
  • Lastly, I’m thankful for my parents.  They are the BEST!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Give a moment of gratitude and feel an automatic smile on your face!

*Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Tip of the Friday: Ask for help…

Advice of the day:  Asking for help does not make you weak, I see it as a collaborate effort. Your friends and network will give you the support and accountability to get you through your problem.  Letting others help also gives you a chance to create relationships.  It opens up communication so when your friends need your help or advice, they are comfortable coming to you.  So please, don’t be afraid to reach out.  Your true friends will not judge

Why You Should Unleash the Power from Within to Have No Excuses!

This week is all about no excuses. Having excuses only set you back and keep you stagnate. For example, if you have excuses to not exercise, you will wake up 10 years later and realized your health and weight is a result of your excuses. I’m not saying that there’s NEVER a good excuse, but I do believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t let time pass you by or you will wake up one day not being where you want to be in your life. Take action, even if they’re baby steps! Go walk a little every day and before you know it, you’ll be walking further than you would ever imagine. If it’s starting a blog, start journaling every day and ideas will flow to you with things and topics you’d like to share. Ask your friends for support, they’ll be your biggest fans! Truly… Have faith that you can change your life for the positive and I promise you, you have the power within you!

Introduction to me, Melinda Kim and Aspirely.

For those who have not met me, I’m Melinda Kim, Founder of Aspirely.  Aspirely will be an online community where moms collaborate and support each other to reach their dreams and goals.  The areas of aspirations we’re focusing on will be fitness, finance and business.

In the next coming months, I’ll be blogging and vlogging conversations either by myself or with other women on how to start pursuing these goals we’ve had in the back of our minds.  I understand that as a mom, we are the first to give up our goals to ensure that everyone else’s is met.  But haven’t you heard the saying the if mama ain’t happy, no one is?  🙂

No, but for seriousness, my passion came from my support and collaboration I’ve received and I’d like nothing more but to pay that forward.  The sense of empowerment and belief that anything’s possible is indescribable!

If you’ve always felt like you are destined to do more and be more, join our conversation.  Get motivated and take action!  Join the love and support in your journey and let’s make progress!



Melinda Kim


Why You Should NOT be a Helicopter Parent and What You Should Do If You Are.

Helicopter parenting hurts children and their future.  When did hovering and micro-managing your child become the norm? Professors across the U.S. are finding an increase in parents calling in to negotiate their children’s grades and employers are finding an increase in calls to negotiate pay and rise. Let’s face it, that’s excessive! Children these days feel more and more entitled and believe credits and achievements should be given to them. But the fact of the matter is… not every child should get a trophy!  Hovering and micro-managing by parents are part of the problem.
Helicopter parents shouldn’t be punished as some articles may suggest, they first need self- realization and then they must get informed. Are you unsure if you are one?  Read on and discover the symptoms, effects and suggested call to action for this parenting style.

Symptoms of a helicopter parent:

  • Do you negotiate for your child, from their grades to their pay?
  • Ex.  Do you call your child’s employer to negotiate their pay or ask why they didn’t get a certain promotion you feel they deserve?
  • Do you micro-manage to a point where you actually end up doing it for them?
  • Ex. It all starts with buying your child a Lego set and end up building it for them.  And once they’re grown, you’re filling out their college applications and calling their professors to negotiate their grade.
  • Do you determine ALL your child’s activities and curriculum regardless of their preference and feedback?
  • Do you have teens away in college yet you still speak to them every day, often multiple times.

If most of these are “yes”, you are a helicopter parent!
Here are the effects of helicopter parenting:

  • Children medicated for anxiety and depression
  • Parents suffer from more anxiety
  • Children become more neurotic
  • Children feel like they lack control
  • Children turn into quitters
  • Children are unable to be self sufficient

These are major issues for a child who’ll turn into an adult in no time.  If you are a helicopter parent, I urge you to change your perception and decide on a different course for your child.  Here’s a suggested call to action that should jump start you to change your attitude as a parent.  Give it a try!