3 Steps to Improve Your Health… and other things… in 2013.

Improving your health for 2013 includes more than just going to the gym and eating healthy. For women, the two main areas of continual search for improvement is fitness and finance. But in reality, having and setting goals are crucial to succeeding in anything we are striving to improve on.

1. Set a goal that is SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Relevant and Timely)
2.  Share it for support and accountability – Sharing it with friends and other connections multiplies the chance of success due to the support and accountability other connections will provide.
3.  Celebrate milestones and accomplishments with friends and families give us memorable moments. These moments will give you fuel when you are faced with difficult moments while striving for future goals.

Use tactics such as positive thinking, strive for excellence (not perfection), remembering to invest in yourself, and ask for help and support when you need inspiration to persevere through challenging times are crucial to your success of achieving any goal.

*The key is to have support and accountability so we don’t feel like we’re at it alone and others are routing for you. This way, it decreases stress, increase inspiration and create deeper relationships… which all equals to less stress.

Get Answers to the Top 5 Most Common Financial Questions Women Ask!

5 common financial questions from Women



Lisa Sakai is a Registered Representative with Signature Resources in Irvine, California. She helps people in the areas of personal finance and Retirement Savings, Business Succession Strategies, Estate Conservation strategies, and Investment Management. Lisa focuses her attention on helping women take charge of their finances.

  1. What is the first step in starting to save?

The first step would be to put together a budget. You can do this yourself or with a professional. Knowing how much you are bringing in every month versus how much you are spending is important to finding ways to save. It’s just like when we count calories. We are amazed at what we eat during the day when we are tracking it. It is the same for a budget. Its eye opening to see what we spend our money on and where one can cut back. At that point, you can make changes to where you are spending money. This way you may be able to put some money away in savings.

  1. My husband takes care of this. Can’t I just let him handle it?

You can, but you may be uninformed of what you have, where it is, and how to access it when you need to. As women, we don’t let our husband’s control what we wear, who we talk to, or what we eat. However, we let them control our future if we let them handle the books by themselves. They can be making financial decisions you might not agree with. They can be hiding things from you. Also, ask yourself, what will you do if something happens to him? If he has an accident and can’t help you find what you need, what will you do? If you are starting a divorce process, do you even know what you have in order to split it equally? In my experience, men want to have you be a part of this process. Take him up on it and be involved in the financial strength of your family.

  1. We live paycheck to paycheck as is. Is thinking about my future really important right now? Can’t I just take care of it later?

How often have you said that you are going to start a new diet, exercise program, start reading more? How often has that fallen through the cracks? Why would this be any different? The budget is the first step in seeing where you might be overspending and where you can save. Put together an emergency fund. Three to six months of expenses. Then at that point you can start thinking about financial goals. If you take the time, it can be a lot easier than expected and give you the tools to step away from living paycheck to paycheck.

  1. After we have a budget and an emergency fund, what would be the next step?

The next step would be to determine what your financial goals are. Sitting down with your spouse and seeing what is important to you. Ask yourself all of the tough questions. If I died, what would happen? Am I ok with that outcome? What age do I want to retire? Do I have enough money to retire when I want to? Do we want to buy a house? Do we want to invest? What would happen if we were injured, sick, or disabled and couldn’t work? These are all not questions that people enjoy thinking about, but if you don’t, you have to be prepared for the consequences.

  1. It seems so overwhelming. Can we get help?

Absolutely. There are professionals out there who have the experience to help you and many of them will provide some complimentary services. Be sure to ask if they do or do not. While working with a professional, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your financial life, not theirs, and just like you shouldn’t rely on your husband to take care of this all, you shouldn’t rely on a professional to run everything while you lose control. However, choose someone you trust.


Fitness Tuesday: New Year Resolutions are STUPID!

Guest post by Andrea Galbreath.
New Year Resolutions are Stupid!

Hi! I’m Andrea Galbreath.  Mom of 3, health and fitness professional, and Transformation Specialist helping people transform into the best versions of themselves.



I might as well start off as bluntly as I can: New Year resolutions are stupid.  Now, this is a fairly new sentiment to me.  I used to be on the bandwagon with everybody else making dozens of promises to myself:  I’m going to eat right. I’m going to exercise.  I’m going to clean my car out EVERY WEEK! Then I’d eat myself into oblivion during the holidays, reassuring myself that it was okay, because come January 1st I was going to get healthy!!!!!


Not so much.


I’d start the New Year with some excitement and focus.  I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE try to get healthy at the beginning of the year?  I figured I would too.  Well, it was never that long before I was eating fondue chocolate on top of a pretzel that was dipped in peanut butter while I prepared dinner.  Ugh.


I think I need to go back and explain myself a bit when I said New Year resolutions are stupid.  First of all, I think “New Year resolutions” are stupid; however, I think “resolutions” are great! Here is the definition of resolution from the World English Dictionary:

1.            the act or an instance of resolving

2.            the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination

3.            something resolved or determined; decision


Ah!  Decision.  Firmness or determination.  Something resolved.  I love those words!!!!!  They mean something.  They stand for something!   They mean more than just getting on the bandwagon with everyone else on January  1st.


Here is my takeaway.  Stop making New Year resolutions.  Start making decisions! Make decisions that mean something to you, so that you will follow through with them.  Whether it’s about losing weight, exercising, changing jobs, or getting out of debt, become resolute about your decision because you really WANT it, not just because it’s January 1st and it sounds like a good idea.


All right! Get to crack-a-lackin’.  Make some decisions, do your research, and make things happen!


Have a healthy day!

Andrea Galbreath




“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro






Collaboration trumps competition!  When a group of women get together and decides to do something, they are unstoppable! Don’t be afraid to collaborate, give and receive. The results could be magical! Having trust, support and accountability builds community.  I encourage you to let others know what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be surprised at the response you receive.

Stop Holding On… Say Goodbye and Life Will Reward You!

If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a big hello. -Paulo Coehlo

As a women, we have great intuition. A lot of times, we know when things are working against us and are not good for us. But for whatever the reason may be, we hold on. We hold on in hopes that it’ll change or convince ourselves that we haven’t given it enough of a chance. The truth of the matter is, I’m realizing that every time I have these feelings, I should have been brave enough to say goodbye instead of wasting more time and blocking new opportunities.

So, whatever this “thing” that’s working against you, say goodbye to it! Life will reward you with a big Hello!

Learn How to Eat the Right Portions and Buy Good Inexpensive Healthy Foods! – Featuring Andrea from IGIG Wellness

Do you want to start you 2013 eating and living healthier? Andrea from IGIG Wellness can help you! She has made incredible transformations herself and is now helping many others to do the same. Every Tuesday, she’s been sharing with us her strategy into living and eating healthier.

If you didn’t catch her last Tuesday, click HERE to go to the fitness category in the blog to watch her episode last week!

Here is a bonus to Andrea’s Stop Eating Crap video. Learn to to make sure you are eating the right portions and where to buy good inexpensive food. Everyone can find a way to eat healthy food that fits in their budget!


Thanks again Andrea for you awesome tips!!!  You can connect with Andrea at fb.com/andrea.igigwellness.



Stay at Home Mom Aspiring to go back to Work? Here’s What You Need to Know!

We have a special interview with career coach, Kat Lee!  Kat has helped numerous stay at home moms get back into the workforce.  Today, she’s sharing with us some commonly asked questions that may help YOU get back to work after taking some time off with your children.

Kat specializes in career transitioning whether it be for first time job seekers, re-entry into the marketplace, or changing direction. She has worked with all levels of employees from hourly to executives and she loves to write anyone’s resume except her own. Much of her time was spent working with people who were transitioning out of their jobs in a variety of industries and some wonderful companies such as Qualcomm, Mattel, Allergan and many others.  She currently has her own career coaching practice and enjoys helping people one-on one; change direction, find a new job to call home, or practice their interview skills.


QUESTION: I’d love to go back to work, but I have spent the last 6 years as a stay-at-home mom. The jobs I held in the past weren’t really what I call a career either, so I am at a loss for how to even pull together a resume. Can you give me some tips about how to return to the work force?

ANSWER: I won’t lie and say it’s easy to just jump back into the workforce after an extended period away from the workforce, but it’s definitely doable as long as you are open to the differences that may come with having been out for so long. Depending on the field of work you came from, you may even need to be open to a career change.

One of the first things you should do is get your resume up to speed. That may mean revamping an existing resume, or starting from scratch. Now, as much as you do as a stay-at-home mom, what you use on your actual resume is somewhat limited. Changing diapers and packing lunches cannot realistically be turned into Sanitation Manager and Food Services Supervisor, but there are definitely things that can go on an updated resume.

If you have had work experience in the past that lends itself well to what you want to do next, you might consider making a Functional Resume. A Functional Resume is where you list your expertise under headings such as Human Resources, Training and Management and then list dates of employment afterwards. If you are making a change or didn’t work prior, there are probably many things that you have done in the past six years that you could put on your resume.

Brownie/Boy Scout Troop Leader – You can list the projects you organized with the troop, talk about finances you had to handle or even vendors that you may have worked with
School Volunteer – Use the work you did helping children learn to read and write, or if you organized a school event or fundraiser, or maybe you were PTA treasurer.
Community Volunteer – Many of the responsibilities may be helpful in your resume and may even help you to think of new job possibilities. Things such as organizing your Sunday school volunteer schedule, or handing the money for the bake sale, these are all things that can be mentioned on a resume.
Blogger – Definitely writing skills or if you worked with companies setting up give-aways.

The bottom line is you need to think about the skills that you kept up with and used, but maybe they are coming from another setting. There are many things that show transferable skills that will work in the workplace and will go nicely on a resume.

Once you sit down and review all that you have accomplished in the past six years, you are ready for the next step – figuring out what it is you want to do. After thinking about and getting your transferrable skills down on paper, you might start to see a certain theme coming through on your resume which can help you to start your job search.

Don’t forget to think about what type of job it is that you are seeking, can you only manage part-time because of the children, do you want to work from home, would you prefer full-time? Maybe there is a theme of organizing and accounting running through your resume, maybe and office manager might be a good fit. Maybe you notice lots of editing and scheduling so an assistant might be a good fit. Or maybe you are looking for something part-time and you have been doing much of the marketing and fundraising for your church and so a part-time sales job might work for you.

I think it is important to remember to stay flexible and to think outside the box. Remember that you can always seek professional help through a career coach, look into community services such as church job search groups, or even alumni career services to help you attain your goal of employment.

Thank you Kat for this informative discussion!  I hope this will help our moms go toward the dream job they’ve been thinking about!

Kate Lee: kat.lee.921@facebook.com

Turbo Andrea Tuesday: Stop Eating Crap! What does that really mean?

This is the first in a series of videos designed to help you transform into a healthier and happier version of you! Based on my SMILE Strategy, this video discusses the difference between clean vs. crappy food, how to choose the best foods, portion control, and quick, healthy, and cost-effective options to feed your entire family. Eating well is about more than just managing your waistline. It’s about providing the right kind of fuel to your body, so it can function at its best!

*Andrea is not a nutritionist or dietician. She is a social worker turned Transformation Specialist/fitness professional who has spent years educating herself about how to improve her health.*

Fitness to life theory… What Fusion Are you?

The most successful fitness formats I know usually identify themselves as some type of Fusion.  Either it’s dance mixed to kick boxing or yoga mixed with cardio.  These combinations are what made their brand unique and interesting.

This made me think…  What fusion are you?  As an individual, I consider my style to be a cross of Rock and Luxury.  I realize your crosses are what make YOU unique and interesting!

Just for fun, if you were to describe yourself as a fusion, what would it be?


*Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net