The Future of Women in Video

Marie Riddle Walker, Founder of Livin Lime and Melinda Kim, Founder of Aspirely talk about the future and importance of video and women. Marie is involved in multiple and highly influential communities online such as Friends of Ricki and Social Media Girlfriends. She is sharing her insights with us after attending the Women in Video conference at the Mom2Summit last month!

Mini-Van Confession….. or Confusion #2: This Women Empowerment Thing

Yo Yo Yo everyone, this is Melinda Kim from, Mini-Van Confession #2 right here on the 405 and in traffic.  All day today, I’ve been thinking about this whole women empowerment thing.  Obviously a big fan, if we help each other and collaborate, we can change the world.  Right?

But then I came across this quote that says girls compete with each other and women empower each other.  Why do we need a quote for that?  Obviously, it’s not happening on our own and we’re not helping each other on our own.  This is crazy to me because women are natural communicators and nurturers!   But when it comes to each other, we are so emotionally involved.  We don’t work well with women we don’t like and it’s just drama!  Okay, so I’m generalizing… obviously.  I’m sure not all women are like that because I’m not…  I’m just sayin’, just sayin’.   Anyhow, today’s confession is more like confusion because I don’t get it…

If you have any answers, let me know.  I’d love to know what you think about this whole topic of women empowerment.  True believer, I get it and I know we can make a difference.  But why aren’t we doing this naturally??  Well, I’m speeding up and picking up.  Goto go!

Mini-Van Confession #1

Hi! This is Melinda Kim and these are my confessions and opinions!

Hey everyone, it’s Melinda Kim and this is my first mini-van confession! I can‘t stand people who think they are victims.  I had the exact same conversation with my daughter today because she claims that she had bad behavior because so and so made me her this way, so and so made her this mad and so and so….

But the point is, nobody is in charge of your actions but yourself! I think we all know this, even as an adult, there’s always so much blame and so much resentment towards others. I just really want to get the message across that you in the end are the one who are really in charge of your own actions.

Think about what story you’re telling yourself, are you an overcomer or are you a victim? I sure hope you’re not a victim because if you tell yourself you are, you’re going to be.
But if you tell yourself that you’re an overcomer, you’re going to be looking at all that you have overcame. Then whatever you’re going through, it’s something that you can handle and get through. You are not a victim and you can choose a better path.  So that’s my confession today, I don’t deal well with people who think they’re victims.