Mini-Van Confessions #4: Confessions of a Selfish Mom

Hey ladies, it’s Melinda Kim from AspirelyTV.

I have a special announcement for you guys today.  AspirelyTV just got accepted in to the YouTube channel called #MomPulse.  It’s like any other TV channel but it’s on YouTube.  There’s a ton of mom vloggers on there where you can get some funny content, beauty, food, health and entertainment, you should definitely check out MomPulse because I’ll be there!

So today I’ve been thinking a lot about the guilt.  I think I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt lately and that’s why this issue is coming up.  It’s the notion of being a selfish mom.  I love being a mom but I don’t just want to be a mom.  It doesn’t make me selfish!  There’s still so many things I want to do like travel, have accomplishments, reach my dreams, build technology that will help others, I want to connect people together and create something for this world.  How is that selfish?

For all I know, you probably don’t even think I’m selfish, it’s probably my own paranoya.  I’m thinking other people think I’m selfish because I want to do all these things and it doesn’t involve my kids.

So here is it… my guilt confession #4 is that I feel guilty because I want to be more than just a mom.

Mini-Van Confession #3: If I wasn’t afraid I would…

This is Melinda Kim from and this is my 3rd Mini-Van confessions. Obviously I’m not driving today. A lot of you guys thought I was going to wreck, I’m not going to wreck, I’m safe, Promise. But for the ease of your mind today, I will do it in the parking lot since I’m waiting for my children anyhow.
Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would do if I wasn’t afraid. I don’t think of this question as in right now for me, I think of it as when I was in my 20s. I wish I were not afraid to negotiate my first salary, I wish I would have spoken up more and not cared about what others thought of me and I wish I would have listened to my intuitions more. But I think all that too are natural growing pains. When I look back, of course, I see now that I know more and wiser. This leads to another point…
A lot of people say, “I really get more reserved when I get older.” I beg to differ, I feel like I get bolder as I get older because now you know who you are, what you stand, you don’t really care, so you’re going to just say it. I know I do…
When it comes to the whole women glass ceiling and the self-deprecation, is it because of our fears? Is it because we’re so afraid of not being liked at work, not being portrayed as leaders or afraid of negotiation that salary?
Are the fears holding us as women back?
I think as we get older, we get bolder, our fears are what stops us from going forward individually and as a society. If I wasn’t afraid… I can’t even think about it. I feel like I’m doing it.