Las Vegas, CampDoMore and The Meaning of Success with Andrea G!

Andrea Galbreath and I always talk about our highs and lows of our days, months and years. We are candid with each other about our struggles, businesses and dreams. Here is one of our conversations about her most recent trip to Las Vegas for Camp Do More. And yes… we are giggly and crazy that day. But it’s the truth…

#FitnessTuesday: Diet vs. Exercise. Where Should You Start?

Feature Guest Blog:  #FitnessTuesday with Andrea Galbreath!

Diet vs Exercise: Where should you start?

I get approached by many people telling me they want to lose weight.  Interestingly enough, that statement is often followed by this question:  “Should I start with diet or exercise?”

Well, here is my take on this.  It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg debate.  Does it really matter which one is first? Not really, because you can’t have one without the other.  The same goes for diet and exercise.  It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start! But in order to have real and long-lasting results, you need diet AND exercise.

Here are a couple of (almost) real life examples:

  1. We all know somebody that has lost 20, 30, 40 or more pounds with just diet alone.  Sure, that person has gone down a few dress sizes, but they look kind of soft and squishy and get out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs.
  2. What about that friend who is at the gym everyday sweating it out with the best of them?  She meets you for lunch, orders a cheeseburger, french fries, and a diet coke, then complains that she can’t fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans. Hmmmmm. Wonder why….

So what’s the take-away? First, don’t wait for the stars to align before you take control of your health. Start now!!!  Maybe you want to focus on your eating habits.  That’s great! Maybe you want to start by establishing an exercise routine that you can maintain.  Fabulous!  Just start and remember that in order to feel the full benefits of these changes you will have to include both diet AND exercise.  You won’t be sorry that you do!

Have a healthy day!


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Mom of 3 amazing kids, health and fitness professional, Turbo Kick junkie, and Transformation Specialist helping people transform into better versions of themselves!




Tien Vares Talks About Fear, Challenges and How She Overcame Them!

Tien Vares Talks About Fear, Challenges and How She Overcame Them!


Behind the scenes:  We’re talking about feelings

Melinda: When you were about to tell your family about opening a gym, how did you feel?

Tien: I felt nervous, I guess I felt nervous for myself.  Can I really do this?  This is off the charts and is it really possible for me to do this?

If you put your mindset to it, it’s possible.

Melinda: How did your family feel about your decision?

Tien: My husband was really excited and thought it was a great idea.  He knew that I was having all the struggles while working at the other gym.  He also knew what I wanted to do on my own.

Melinda: What kind of challenges did you face?

Tien: The transition of leaving one gym and opening up another.  It seems like it was a great idea at first. And then there’s insurance, lawyers, operating agreements, business operations. Finding a location was harder than we thought.

We also had to bring in another partner and give up a part of the company.  Now I wouldn’t know what we would do without the third partner.  He’s a lawyer so it made sense.  He saw a potential in Crossfit and was more than willing to be a part of it. I’m really grateful for bringing him on board.

Melinda: How is it all feeling at this moment?

Tien: It’s feeling great, I’m starting to figure out my schedule.  At first, it was really hard because I was at the gym a lot and not enough time at home or with the kids.  I’m trying to get that balance now. That’s why it’s key to have partners.  It gives you flexibility.  I think my advice for a working mom is to have great partners.

But there are stories where partnerships go awry, so the advice is to find a really good partner!

Melinda: How are you balancing everything?

Tien: It’s been challenging but it really helps to have a great husband. He cooks, cleans and does the laundry.  And he really understands.  But if I did have to cook, I would find ways.  That’s one of the biggest challenges is to have the help at home.

Melinda:  Definitely agree!  Having support at home is very important…

So how much weight are you lifting in your picture!

At the time, that was 65 lbs.  But now, I can do about 125 lbs. for 1 rep max.  The goal with Crossfit is to get stronger.  That’s my goal, it’s just to get stronger.  It’s not about how I look, it’s more about performance.  It’s performance based training.

Melinda:  Finding the right fitness program that fits your lifestyle and personality is very important!

How Does She Do It All? Tien Vares, Mother of 2, Owner of CrossFit Vibe and Ambassador for Lululemon Newport Beach!

Find Out How this Mother of 2 and Owner of a CrossFit Gym do it all!

Melinda: Congratulations on being an ambassador for Lululemon.  How did you become an ambassador for Lululemon?

Tien: I started a relationship with the Newport Beach store, invited them to the gym and did events with them.  I applied for it on line and all the employees in the store vote.  They pick 5-6 per year.

Melinda: What’s the difference between Crossfit and other fitness platforms out there?

Tien: One biggest difference is that everybody’s accountable.  Everybody goes to the gym, it becomes a community and it’s more intimate. Everything is measured and timed so you see progress.  You repeat workouts from  3 months ago and be able to visibly see improvement and progress.  It’s high performance, intense, short workouts and measured,  4-20 minutes.  You go in the gym, warm out, and you work out.  Very time efficient.

Melinda: What got you started in Crossfit?

Tien: I’ve always been an avid runner.  I had a girlfriend one day who suggested Crossfit to me. She suggested for me to be a personal trainer.  I started looking into it.  I was looking around to see what type of personal trainer I’d like to be.  Since my girlfriend started doing Crossfit, I checked it out and I like the philosophy. So I just signed up for the certification.  After the first day, I was so sore for a week and fell in love with it.

Melinda: So the key here is that you decided to get certified even though you’ve never done Crossfit before.  It’s like applying for college without looking at the college!  Good thing you love it.

Tien: Just like any other profession, it’s a crowded space.  I wanted to do something unique that’s not too popular just yet.

Melinda: How did you go from certified to owning your own gym.  I know it’s a long process, what were your key moments that sprung you forward?

Tien: One thing is definitely the start of it. I got certified, but I still had a lot of learning. I found a gym that offered a 16 week internship program.  Twice a week I would go in, clean the gym, workout and  shadow all the trainers there.  That’s where I paid my dues!  That’s where I got my education.  It was worth it to have that type of education being surrounded by mentors and trainers.

Then, I create my own Bootcamp at the park.  I started to bring my clients in the Crossfit gym and slowly built my clients from there.  There’s where I decided to branch out and do my own thing.  I felt that my philosophy was a bit different than the one I worked for.  I wanted to cater to women and moms because they usually get intimidated by Crossfit.  I wanted them to feel comfortable and not be scared or intimidated.  Because most gyms are dominated by males, it was really scary for women to work out there.

I met my partner at a Crossfit gym, we did a stair climbing event together in LA, that’s where we bonded and realized we both wanted to open up a gym.  So that was it.

My partner Jeff was willing to try different things and that’s what I wanted in a partner.

Melinda: What is your vision for you and the gym?

Tien: I just want a place where people can come in and try to see what Crossfit is all about.  I wanted women to try it feeling comfortable.  I’ve come to realize that Crossfit is not for everybody.  And that’s okay.  But as long as everyone comes and gives it a try, I’d love that. I found that if you have a competitive side to you, you’d really like it.

Melinda: So with everything you’ve gone through, if you were to write a book, what would you write about?

Tien: I think my book would be about being a mom and being able to balance everything,  I’ve always worked, I put myself through school, I have 2 children and I have a very active social life.  Having a really well balanced life is important.  I’d want an encouraging book for women who are stuck and inspire them to go out there, try new things and meet new people.

Melinda: You wouldn’t know that you wanted to do this even 5 years ago.  Your degree in college wasn’t in fitness so I think the people do find new passions all the time.

Tien: Life is not over just because you are a mom!

Melinda: Yes!  Being able to do extraordinary things with kids is what inspires me.  So Thank You!

3 Ways to Start Investing In Yourself


Imagine yourself 5 years from now, are you going to be satisfied with your life exactly the way it is right now?  Taking time out to invest in yourself is GOOD for you and your family! Here are 3 ways to help you get started in taking action towards living the life you’ll love.

  1. STOP the Guilt: Rekindle with your passion and indulge in things you LOVE to do!  The trick to NOT feeling guilty is your mindset!  Once you realize that taking time out to do the things you love will in turn make you a more patient mother and attentive wife.  Haven’t you heard of the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life”?
  2. Take Baby Steps:  What is one little thing can you do TODAY that will bring you closer      to the life you want to live.  Do one LITTLE thing per day and before long, look back and you’ll see HUGE progress.
  3. Talk More:  Make sure you are constantly talking about the things you are doing with friends and family!  If it’s something you love, you’ll have no problems talking about it!  Getting support and validation will encourage you to continue!

The key is to make progress!  Here’s a thought…  Progress leads to Growth which leads to Happiness!




Andrea Galbreath on how YOU can Transform Yourself to a Happier New You

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We have a special treat for you!  I am personally introducing you all to Andrea Galbreath who has giving you fitness tips and advice every Tuesday here on Aspirely!

Please tell us your story.

I am a transformation specialist because I transformed myself from someone who was very unhappy and unhealthy to someone who’s very happy and now the healthiest in my life.

I was 200 pounds, size 18 and on high blood pressure medicine.  I just knew I needed to change.  So now I feel great and fabulously happy!

What was your final straw that inspired you to take action?

I was around 31, my blood pressure creeping up, didn’t feel good about myself, didn’t like the way I looked, I felt tired all the time and emotionally, I felt like something was missing.  I didn’t know what it was that I wanted by I knew what I didn’t want.  And I didn’t want to feel like that.  So I decided to fix it.  I started by exercising and eating right.

What are you vision for IGIG Wellness?

My passion and goal is to get people healthy.  Everybody can create their own healthy lifestyle that fits and real.  I am a busy mom of 3, I am the care taker for my elderly grandfather, my nephew lives with me and my husband.  I know that it’s hard to make time.  But that is essential.  Now that I am healthy and happy, I’m more present with my kids and family.  I can now really make a difference with them.  That is the best thing I ever did for my family was to get myself healthy.

What is the key element to transformation success?

Other than commitment, I’d say for a women or mother, it would be to not feel guilty for taking time out of the day to exercise.  For me, I took one hour per day of concentrated effort of getting myself healthy.  It was tough to tell my friends that I’m going to exercise instead of lunching with them.  That was really tough, but my true friends understood and they were supportive.


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5 Quick Ways to Stick To Your New Year Resolutions!

Most New Year resolutions drop off and disappear after only 18 days!  Here are a few tricks to lessen your chances of falling off the wagon…

1.  Don’t make too many resolutions at one time, start with a couple, complete it and go on to your next goal.  Having too many at once will only overwhelm you!  Baby steps… baby steps…

2.  Write it down:  The chance of you accomplishing a goal increases by 70% just by writing it down!  So what are you waiting for??  Write it down!

3.  Share it with friends:  Support and accountability is HUGE when it comes to getting through challenges on your journey.  Let your friends help you!  They may have resources that you may not have.

4.  Get out of your own way:  If you are trying to stop eating junk, stop buying them!  That’s it!  Lessen your risk of you falling off the wagon by not putting yourself in situations where you may be tempted.


3 Steps to Improve Your Health… and other things… in 2013.

Improving your health for 2013 includes more than just going to the gym and eating healthy. For women, the two main areas of continual search for improvement is fitness and finance. But in reality, having and setting goals are crucial to succeeding in anything we are striving to improve on.

1. Set a goal that is SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Relevant and Timely)
2.  Share it for support and accountability – Sharing it with friends and other connections multiplies the chance of success due to the support and accountability other connections will provide.
3.  Celebrate milestones and accomplishments with friends and families give us memorable moments. These moments will give you fuel when you are faced with difficult moments while striving for future goals.

Use tactics such as positive thinking, strive for excellence (not perfection), remembering to invest in yourself, and ask for help and support when you need inspiration to persevere through challenging times are crucial to your success of achieving any goal.

*The key is to have support and accountability so we don’t feel like we’re at it alone and others are routing for you. This way, it decreases stress, increase inspiration and create deeper relationships… which all equals to less stress.

Fitness Tuesday: New Year Resolutions are STUPID!

Guest post by Andrea Galbreath.
New Year Resolutions are Stupid!

Hi! I’m Andrea Galbreath.  Mom of 3, health and fitness professional, and Transformation Specialist helping people transform into the best versions of themselves.



I might as well start off as bluntly as I can: New Year resolutions are stupid.  Now, this is a fairly new sentiment to me.  I used to be on the bandwagon with everybody else making dozens of promises to myself:  I’m going to eat right. I’m going to exercise.  I’m going to clean my car out EVERY WEEK! Then I’d eat myself into oblivion during the holidays, reassuring myself that it was okay, because come January 1st I was going to get healthy!!!!!


Not so much.


I’d start the New Year with some excitement and focus.  I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE try to get healthy at the beginning of the year?  I figured I would too.  Well, it was never that long before I was eating fondue chocolate on top of a pretzel that was dipped in peanut butter while I prepared dinner.  Ugh.


I think I need to go back and explain myself a bit when I said New Year resolutions are stupid.  First of all, I think “New Year resolutions” are stupid; however, I think “resolutions” are great! Here is the definition of resolution from the World English Dictionary:

1.            the act or an instance of resolving

2.            the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination

3.            something resolved or determined; decision


Ah!  Decision.  Firmness or determination.  Something resolved.  I love those words!!!!!  They mean something.  They stand for something!   They mean more than just getting on the bandwagon with everyone else on January  1st.


Here is my takeaway.  Stop making New Year resolutions.  Start making decisions! Make decisions that mean something to you, so that you will follow through with them.  Whether it’s about losing weight, exercising, changing jobs, or getting out of debt, become resolute about your decision because you really WANT it, not just because it’s January 1st and it sounds like a good idea.


All right! Get to crack-a-lackin’.  Make some decisions, do your research, and make things happen!


Have a healthy day!

Andrea Galbreath



Learn How to Eat the Right Portions and Buy Good Inexpensive Healthy Foods! – Featuring Andrea from IGIG Wellness

Do you want to start you 2013 eating and living healthier? Andrea from IGIG Wellness can help you! She has made incredible transformations herself and is now helping many others to do the same. Every Tuesday, she’s been sharing with us her strategy into living and eating healthier.

If you didn’t catch her last Tuesday, click HERE to go to the fitness category in the blog to watch her episode last week!

Here is a bonus to Andrea’s Stop Eating Crap video. Learn to to make sure you are eating the right portions and where to buy good inexpensive food. Everyone can find a way to eat healthy food that fits in their budget!


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