Mini-Van Confession….. or Confusion #2: This Women Empowerment Thing

Yo Yo Yo everyone, this is Melinda Kim from, Mini-Van Confession #2 right here on the 405 and in traffic.  All day today, I’ve been thinking about this whole women empowerment thing.  Obviously a big fan, if we help each other and collaborate, we can change the world.  Right?

But then I came across this quote that says girls compete with each other and women empower each other.  Why do we need a quote for that?  Obviously, it’s not happening on our own and we’re not helping each other on our own.  This is crazy to me because women are natural communicators and nurturers!   But when it comes to each other, we are so emotionally involved.  We don’t work well with women we don’t like and it’s just drama!  Okay, so I’m generalizing… obviously.  I’m sure not all women are like that because I’m not…  I’m just sayin’, just sayin’.   Anyhow, today’s confession is more like confusion because I don’t get it…

If you have any answers, let me know.  I’d love to know what you think about this whole topic of women empowerment.  True believer, I get it and I know we can make a difference.  But why aren’t we doing this naturally??  Well, I’m speeding up and picking up.  Goto go!

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