Say Bye Bye Bye to Your Excuses and Invest In Yourself!

This is Melinda Kim, Founder of Aspirely. Today, I am squashing excuses show you how you can invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself is so important because you will feel that a sense of purpose and fulfillment that is for YOU and not your family. We tend to give every moment of every day to other people, whether it’s our family, business or work. Because at the end of the day, if we don’t feel like we’re growing and progressing as an individual, we can’t fully give ourselves to our family and friends.

I hear a lot of reasons why investing in yourself is hard… things like I don’t have time for that right now, I don’t have the money or I’m not sure what I want to do.

So I’m going to address all that right now… Let’s face it, we all have time and a matter of putting yourself in priority and make the time. Think of creative ways like making a commitment for ½ an hour a day, pop in a video and work out from your home. Or go take a community course that you’ve always wanted to take while the kids are at school. The trick is to schedule it. We all know if something’s not written, it’s not going happen.

Next, let’s talk about the money thing! There are so many resources online between blogs and Youtube that you can pretty much learn about anything you want. So get Googling and I’m sure you’ll find a great cooking class or workout regime that you can simply follow.

And the third one is not being sure of what you want to do. This is actually very common. But if you listen to you own voice, you really know what your interests are. Don’t be afraid to start! If it’s dancing and you haven’t danced in a while, go take a dance class at your local gym that you may belong to already. Or simply try some arts and crafts you see on Pinterest.

The point is, just start taking time out and investing back in yourself. If you’re happy, you’ll find yourself giving more back to your family.

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