Suburban Housewife to Hollywood Glam! – Special Edition

Hey hey hey! I’m going to the PlayBoy Mansion for the Pre-ESPY Party!!! Once in a lifetime event and I’m getting ready from Drab to Fab! Thanks Heather Amin for the awesome transformation!

Las Vegas, CampDoMore and The Meaning of Success with Andrea G!

Andrea Galbreath and I always talk about our highs and lows of our days, months and years. We are candid with each other about our struggles, businesses and dreams. Here is one of our conversations about her most recent trip to Las Vegas for Camp Do More. And yes… we are giggly and crazy that day. But it’s the truth…

Learn How to Eat the Right Portions and Buy Good Inexpensive Healthy Foods! – Featuring Andrea from IGIG Wellness

Do you want to start you 2013 eating and living healthier? Andrea from IGIG Wellness can help you! She has made incredible transformations herself and is now helping many others to do the same. Every Tuesday, she’s been sharing with us her strategy into living and eating healthier.

If you didn’t catch her last Tuesday, click HERE to go to the fitness category in the blog to watch her episode last week!

Here is a bonus to Andrea’s Stop Eating Crap video. Learn to to make sure you are eating the right portions and where to buy good inexpensive food. Everyone can find a way to eat healthy food that fits in their budget!


Thanks again Andrea for you awesome tips!!!  You can connect with Andrea at