You Too Can Dance! Spilling The Beans about Living The Ideal Life You Have Imagined!

Hi, I’m Melinda Kim and the Founder for Aspirely.
Normally I would feature ordinary moms who do extraordinary things. But today, it’s just me and you baby today and I’m going to tell you how you too can dance! From all my research and interviews with moms who has turned their passion into action, there are 5 common traits among all those women.
So I’m sharing that with you today so listen up if you want to live a life with passion!
1. They all day dreamed a little: A lot of moms tells me they don’t know what their passions are and by being curious and open to trying different things, they get pulled to their inspiration and eventually find passion.
2. Invested in themselves: They are all moms who love their family and children very much. And the best thing they have ever done is to take the time out to do things for themselves that fuels their soul.
3. Share their dream: Once they found that thing that fuels your soul, they shared it with their friends and supporters to get support and accountability. Making yourself accountable to others sometimes is just what you continue going towards your dream.
4. See the details: They all visualized themselves to be able to do the things they love most. As they dug deeper in their passion, they were able to hone in on the details and make something ordinary into extraordinary. And their vision of the path becomes clearer and clearer. Your mind is so powerful that you really will become what you believe!!
5. Let their baggage go: Letting that baggage go will release your fears, disappointments and huts. In order to go forward, you have to let go of old and negative thoughts about yourself.
Even though these simple steps may not sound complicated, but sometimes committing to doing these actions can be challenging
Through the next month, I will be doing a more in depth video for each step and give you a more detailed explanation and let you know why these steps are crucial to your happiness and success.
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